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This section is dedicated to study material that is meant to help people with foundational principles found in the Bible.  The uses are endless, but a strong focus is for those who want a better understanding of what being a Christian means.  There are no limitations here, whether you are a strong Christian or a non-believer, this section offers excellent study guides for you.

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By: Jerry Blount

A home study course that takes you through the Bible...

This lesson series was written over the course of some twenty years; it was designed to be studied together (in small groups) around the kitchen table.

If you are not a Christian and wish to have a comprehensive introduction to Christianity... download lesson one and email it to us (visit authors website linked below).  The author will work with you through email.  If you are a Christian wishing to share the gospel with your neighbor... email back for helps in how to use this material.      

Virtually everyone we have taken through this course over the last few years chose to become a Christian about 1/3 of the way through.  We then go on and introduce you to the Lord's church and how to establish right and wrong... using principles established by God.  Overall the method is to use the example set by Jesus in John 4 to introduce our friends and neighbors to Jesus.

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