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Dedicated to Studying the Bible

This Website is privately hosted and funded by Christians who love and cherish the Bible and what it represents, which is God's love for us all.  We are not an institution directed or controlled by any church or organization.  This site was created for the purpose of expanding resources to the public and providing a platform to share that material, as well as connecting people who love God and want to learn and grow together.  We are dedicated sound doctrine that is only found in the Bible.  The material hosted here is original and with the consent of the owners; we will not host material without the consent of the owners. 

In summary, this site intends to help address some of the inconveniences that Christians and God fearing individuals face in the ever expanding digital experience online. 

  • First and foremost, this site serves as a centralized archive for original study material created to help individuals explore and learn the Bible. 

  • Secondly, our aim is to provide a platform that makes finding that material easy and convenient to find and access. 

  • Thirdly, we want this platform to provide the ability for visitors to connect and network with each other in an environment that offers a neutral ground free from judgement.

Important to note: this is intended to be a classroom environment for those serious about studying the Word of God.  Please keep that in mind as you journey here.  This is not a place for raucous, malicious, divisive or hateful discourse.  Earnest questions and reservations, however, are welcome discussion topics.  Please engage with courtesy and love for others.

A members page is provided where you can sign up for  access to the "Groups"page.  The "Groups" page is a place where members can engage in discussions together and connect with the publishers hosted here.  Please feel free to sign up and join in. 

Stay curious, and Welcome to Study The Truth

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