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By: Thomas J. Sater

The story of how we got the Bible is a fascinating one of providence, faith, devotion, and personal cost, and is much more vast and complex than most people realize.

Based on the book, “How We Got The Bible,” by Neil R. Lightfoot (which was used as a study guide), this collection of PowerPoint-derived materials explores the history of how the Bible came into physical existence and how it has been preserved for us today.  Beginning with a study of the origins of writing, the materials cover the forms and languages of the Bible, manuscripts and versions, textual criticism and textual variations, Old and New Testament texts, scripture canon and apocrypha, development of the Bible in English, and various English translations.

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By: Andy Diestelkamp

The purpose of this material is to help the Bible student commit to memory the basics of scripture.  The advantages of knowing these events, characters and other facts in their chronological order is to better know and understand biblical history.  Knowing biblical history enables us to have a context in which to better study the specifics of scripture.  When we can see the "big picture," understanding the details is made easier.

This material is intended to challenge us all.  It will be easier for some than it will be for others.  If you are relatively new to the scriptures, then the first time through this material you will want to focus mainly on the 17 Periods themselves and the sub-headings.  Each lesson page will also contain other facts that are either interesting or also worthy of memorization.

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