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Dedicated To Studying The Bible

Hello and welcome.  Please look around and investigate the Word of God with us.  We have provided a platform for teachers from all over to submit their educational material for a unique and expansive experience.

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What if there was a website dedicated to hosting eBook Bible study material?  What if that site was completely free?  What if that site connected people across great distances, so they can study and journey together?

Study The Truth is a platform dedicated to providing free study material for people who love God and His Word, the Bible.  But it is so much more than that as well.  This site is also a platform that connects people, allows them to interact with authors, they can ask questions, provide answers and grow together.  We took a novel approach to disseminating material by providing a centralized platform that both acts like an archive and also hosts it like an online book store.  But instead of charging fees and subscription services, all authors who have contributed their works to this site have given free download access to their material.  Some of that material is available in hard copy form for purchase, but the downloads are always free.  Please see our "about" page for more information.

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